Guitars that sound like keyboards, drums that don’t always keep the rhythm and a constant fuzzy electronic haze.
Aalbers is a trio from Barcelona that makes instrumental music who combines precision with disorder.
Although they prefer to believe that they produce music which doesn’t adhere to any specific tradition, three of its ubiquitous components are mechanical repetition, psychedelia and pop.
Currently Aalbers are resident artists at Fabra i Coats.


07-09-19 @ Eufònic 2019, Festival de arts sonores, visuals, digitals i performatives

11-07-19 @ “Deu Atlàntides” 2019, Vallvidrera, Vila Joana

20-05-19 @ “Calidoscopi” 2019, Barcelona

23-03-19 @ Convent Sant Agusti, Barcelona + Diego Garcia

01-12-18 @ “La Fabrica en Obert”, Fabra i Coats, Barcelona 

27-10-18 @ Màgia Roja, Barcelona + Modulus III

17-10-18 @ Freedonia, Barcelona + Tildaflipers 

06-10-18 @ “Seismes”, Fabra i Coats, Barcelona

14-09-18 @ “Tallers Oberts” Poblenou, Hangar, Barcelona 

11-05-18 @ Màgia Roja, Barcelona + Wunderkammer

28-04-18 @ Heliogàbal, Barcelona + JGG 

07-03-18 @ La Isla, Barcelona